Amarelo Yellow Tee

This illusion is a collective collusion from Citrine x Liz Barclay x RUG. This tee was inspired by alternative, holistic methods of healing; crystal healing, color + sound healing & plant-based medicinals. Liz Barclay’s super-beautiful-glowy citrine crystal photo graces the front-side while the back graphics highlight the powerful characteristics of the citrine crystal, the color yellow, sound healing frequencies & the mystical perennial that is the calendula.

Citrine is a woman-owned & woman-inspired company created to help call back your power and get you into your element through a selection of CBD oils & salves.

Liz Barclay is a photographer and artist — born in Atlanta, based in NY & LA. Her stream of consciousness serves to channel and manifest a new earth thought through art x music x storytelling — shining a light on important themes and aiming to raise the vibration of collective mind waves.

40% of the profits will go to the Somali Bantu Association of Maine. The Somali Bantus are the minority ethnic group of Somalia, inhabiting the Shebelle and Jubba River valleys, and speaking two main languages in addition to Somali- Maay Maay and Zigua. When civil war broke out in Somalia, the Somali Bantus were sent from their homes and farms by armed people of the Somali clan. In 2000, the United States government agreed to resettle Somali Bantus all across in the United States. Approximately 12,000 Somali Bantus are now settled in the United States with 3,000 in Lewiston, Maine. Their mission is to provide vital transitional services, advocacy, and programming that empowers members of the refugee community to uphold cultural identity and thrive in their new life here.

100% cotton. Made & printed in the USA on Bayside tees by The Print Hub.
Go heal yourself.